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Little Fish will be Seattle’s first modern day craft cannery and restaurant, in the heart of Pike Place Market, celebrating gourmet seafood served in its most humble form—tin. It will be open soon!

Drawing inspiration from rich old world flavors and traditional manufacturing techniques, Little Fish is a three part operation: Artisan Cannery, Retail Store and Tinned Fish Restaurant.


We produce top-quality tinned fish, each carefully cut and treated with artisan techniques – smoking and salt curing. We then pack it at its peak freshness and further preserve with the best ingredients we can find. Products from the cannery will be sold and served in the adjoining restaurant, alongside a selection of tinned fish from across the world.


  • Smoked Manila Clams in their own nectar

  • Penn Cove Mussels in olive oil, apple cider vinegar and smoked paprika

  • Spot Prawns in olive oil with Indian Coriander

  • Albacore Tuna Belly in olive oil

  • Copper River Salmon in olive oil and garlic


  • Salmon

  • Black Cod

  • Sturgeon

  • Scallops


  • Gravlax

  • Salted Smelt

  • Mackerel

  • Herring


Pike Place Market is not just Seattle’s public market. It is an iconic neighborhood comprised of hundreds of farmers, craftspeople, small businesses and residents, all of whom drive Seattle tourism and contribute to its international acclaim.

It is this historic cross section of makers and commerce that provides the perfect platform for Little Fish to unveil its groundbreaking new cannery and tinned-fish restaurant. Little Fish considers it a once in a lifetime opportunity to join this dynamic community and add to the incredible landscape that is Pike Place Market.

Bryan Jarr (JarrBar) and chef Zoi Antonitsas are cooking up something really special in a beautiful space in the Pike Place expansion. The place will be focused on the seafood bounty available in the PNW — and even a tighter focus on how to preserve it.
— Zagat
Owner Bryan Jarr has one of the coolest spaces in town (a window-swept wedge of the new Pike Place Market expansion) and one hell of a chef—Zoi Antonitsas is readying a menu that celebrates seafood, particularly the various ways of preserving it.
— Seattle Met


1701 Western Ave. Suite F.
Seattle, WA 98101



Mon – Fri, 11 am – 9 pm
Sat & Sun, 10 am – 9 pm